Quadriceps Strength & Stretch

Here’s another way to strengthen your quadriceps without squatting or lunging.
From Top Left, Clockwise:
×Lunge with Quad Stretch
×Kneeling Lean Backs
×Side Angle Pose with Bind
×Kneeling Lean Back with Twist

Try 3 rounds of 10-15 reps…. Or 15-20sec isometric holds till you feel more confident in these movements. Then try 20 reps… Or 30sec holds.
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Hip Stretches

Tight hips? Difficulty touching your toes? Oh yeaaa those hips don’t lie 😅 .

Here are 4 stretches you can do anywhere with an elevated platform eg. table, bench, car. 😁 . From top left, clockwise:

¬Pigeon Stretch : for glutes.

¬Lizard Pose : hip flexors.

¬Hamstring Stretch : hamstrings – with slight knee bend.

¬Side Hamstring/Oblique Stretch : go long in your top arm.

Do 2-3 sets of 20-30sec holds. Gently ease into the stretch and remember to breathe 😊

Top Non-Animal Protein Sources


Top Non-Animal Protein Sources

Protein…..minus the meat!

Build your muscles and live a better life. Many of us rely on animal protein: beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish etc for our protein intake.

These are some non-animal protein options which you can incorporate into your meals without worrying about your calories and heart health too much.

Meat is notoriously high in calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat. Plant proteins are easier on your gut processes.

In terms of components, there is no difference between animal and plant proteins.They are both made up of amino acids, and they both contain the same 22 amino acids.

As long as you eat a variety of foods, you are bound to get all of the essential amino acids you need.

There is no need to get all amino acids during the same meal. So, you don’t have to worry about complex protein combinations to get all your amino acids. Just eat a variety of food throughout the day and you’ll be fine.

Food Serving Sizes

We’re all so accustomed to just using scoops and visual estimations. Feel free to experiment on these portion sizes and increase/decrease a little should you need to, based on your required nourishment for your body.

Your body is a finely tuned vehicle. Fuel it well, and it will take you places.


Celebrating 3 years of publication!


The Launch Party

It’s been a great 3 years since the publication of my book, “Lyn Kong’s Guide to Fitness for Busy People”. I have had the pleasure to meeting many clients, media personnel and gained readers since then.

A huge THANK YOU to all that made this book possible. Most importantly to SzeNing, Adeline, Nooraini and to MPH Publications for making this happen.

I’m back!

After a 2 months work experience trip to Bahrain, I’m back to KL!

I’m now conducting Personal and Group Training in the Klang Valley for those who just wanna get fit and have some fun at the same time.  I do house calls to condos/houses and also online coaching.

Do give me a buzz if you are interested!

Bahrain, Here I Come!

It’s time!

I have accepted a position in Bahrain to manage a group of international trainers and will be on my way to the Middle East. It’s quite a distance to travel to this island which is BEAUTIFUL. There are no direct flights to Bahrain. Usually, there will be a transit either in Dubai or Abu Dhabi if we take an ME-based flight.

I am looking forward to this position as a catalyst to personal development and exposure to the ME scene. It’s going to be a good challenge for me in terms of working environment and also just enriching my management experience.

It’s going to be SO fun!

The Bahrain World Trade Centre (WTC)

Malaysian Powerlifting Alliance 2016

On March 26th 2016, I competed in the MPA 2016 competition held at MakeSpace, Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur. I competed in the Under-52kg category and emerged 2nd.

Here are my lifts:
Back Squat: 65kg-70-75kg
Bench Press: 35kg-40kg-45kg (PR)
Deadlift: 100kg-107.5kg-115kg(PR)

I’m pretty happy with my performance during this meet and I believe this is just the beginning of my journey. I had the opportunity to meet many experienced and friendly powerlifters there such as Stephanie Ensol and Neil who were sharing training stuff.

Pic taken from IG:@malaysiapowerliftingalliance.


Habits – the regular things we do on a daily basis – will make or break us.

To create good habits, you need to know what works for you. Does rowing 1km help you warm up better or does it tire you out? Does visualization of the lift work for you, or the thought of “just lift only” make it for you? If you do not have a fixed routine, spend some time to explore different methods and strategies that can work for you. Habits of how you warm up, rack/unrack the bar and also approach the workout will set the tone of your training session. The difference between excellence and mediocrity is commitment – to a training system, program and also to good habits.

Discipline and accountability to improve will form good habits naturally. Yes, you will have shi*ty days where you don’t feel too great to train, take a break and do something else. You will want to avoid just going through the motions. Always train as if your life depended on it BUT, at the same time, enjoy and have fun training! Most importantly, your habit of  setting your mind pre-training will give you a more prepared and fulfilling session.

New Personal Training Slots!

With the change in schedule, I am opening up 2 more training slots on Monday and Wednesday afternoon at 3pm. Location of training will be in the Bandar Utama area.

Do drop me an email at lyn@lynkong.com .