Ms Kim B

“In November 2014, a friend of mine invited me to go for a trekking holiday to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. For the uninitiated, this a physically demanding adventure (torture?) which involves walking through uneven, ascending and descending terrain for an average of 5 hours a day. I have heard a physical instructor who had completed the trip describe the experience as “mentally challenging”. I thought to myself, “what hope does an unfit and unsporty person like me have, to complete this trip?” I needed a game plan.
My friend recommended that I consider training under her physical trainer, Lyn. I was skeptical. I believed I could just buy some books and plan my own workouts at the gym. So I tried that for a while but it was soon apparent that it wasn’t working. Just a ten minute uphill walk left me breathless and various parts of my legs hurt.

I finally decided to take a leap of faith and signed up with Lyn. Ten sessions first, and if all went well, another ten.

As I am writing this, I will be doing my twentieth session in two days time. So how do I rate my progress after nineteen sessions? A 100% improvement. REALLY. The strength and stamina that I have gained is nothing short of amazing. My legs which were always my weakest point are now sturdy and strong. My heart no longer feels like it wants to fly out of my chest when I am under heavy physical exertion. I hardly pant anymore when I walk uphill and the pain I used to feel in my legs while doing so, have disappeared. Most importantly, I am CONFIDENT of myself.

For people who have never tried training under a physical instructor before, let me provide some personal insights on what you can gain under Lyn. One of the most important perspectives that I have gained is that there is a way to exercise that gives you BENEFIT and there is the no-benefit, wasting-time endeavours that most novices engage in, in the gym. What differentiates Lyn is her focus on efficency : tailoring programs that imparts MAXIMUM benefit within the one hour she spends with you. To do this, she targets to “activate” certain muscles, using exact timed sequence of exercises that are done in a specific order with a planned number of repetitions. She aims on building overall body strength and stamina and stays away from an imbalanced focus on just the more glorified parts of the body, ie the biceps. Such is Lyn’s repertoire and mastery of the subject, that no two sessions of my 19 sessions with her were the same. Every session was always fresh, always interesting.

Before I took lessons with Lyn, I would never have dared to do to a back squat with a 20kg weight on my shoulders. Now, I can do a hundred such squats. Before I met Lyn, I used to love the rowing machine for allowing me to pretend to exercise when I was feeling lazy. Now it’s a machine to be feared and respected. Before I met Lyn, I thought getting fit was all about discipline and putting in endless hours. It’s not. It’s about discipline and METHOD. Thank you Lyn.”

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