How To Choose A Gym

Globo gyms, fitness studios and yoga/pilates studios are mushrooming all over.

How do you choose which one is for you? We’ve all got our personal choices!

Here are some of the factors you need to consider before committing your moolah :

  1. Your fitness levels & familiarity with exercising
    • If you are just starting out, you can start off at a smaller gym where the trainer will take you through the basics of the equipment and keep you safe. Usually smaller gyms are more personal than the globo ones.
    • If you are at a moderate/advanced level of fitness, you can join the globo gym where usually the trainers need to be hired to provide 1:1 training.
    • If you just wanna focus on yoga, pilates and the not-so-hardcore stuff, there are the smaller yoga centers around town that cater to it.
  2. Facilities – function of the gym.
    Every gym has got its “hot-stuff’.

    • Globo gyms (Fitness First, True Fitness, Jatomi Fitness) caters to ALL fitness levels. They usually have the following:
      • Cardiovascular training equipment (treadmills, upright/recumbent bikes, elliptical  machines, rower etc)
      • “Fixed” weight machines (Lat pull downs. leg extensions, leg press, seated shoulder press etc)
      • Free weights (dumbells, barbells, kettlebells etc)
      • Functional training equipment (sandbags, VIPR, medicine balls etc)
      • Group Exercise Classes (Les Mills, Zumba, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Pilates etc)
      • “Juice bar” – free drinks from the soft-drinks dispenser or a protein shake bar where you can purchase your juice/post-workout concoction
    • Shower-rooms are well designed and equipped with state of the art locking mechanisms  and accompanied with a sauna.globogym
    • Fitness studios (usually takes up a few shop lots, privately owned, a smaller version of the Globo gym). Caters to more specific clientele with specific goals e.g. group exercise, personal training, sports specific .
      • 1-2 each of the Cardiovascular training equipment
      • Limited “fixed’ weight machines – sometimes none – depending on the nature of the fitness studio.
      • Free weights – usually barbells, dumbbells
      • Very standard shower rooms/toilets but clean enough.
      • Usually have their own speciality and sometimes combination – Group Conditioning Classes with Muay Thai, Kettlebell Classes with Mixed Martial Arts etc.

    • Yoga/pilates studios usually run by classes or by 1:1 training.
      • Usually they have a few studios that can fit 20-30 students.
      • For pilates, if their focus is on the reformer, then they can only accomodate “x” amount of people in that class/ training session.
      • The instructors are usually certified e.g. Registered Yoga School (RYS), STOTT Pilates etc
  3. Cost
    • Globo gyms usually cost the most out of the lot due to the “Passport” membership which allows you to visit different clubs within the country and sometimes their international clubs as well. Approximate cost is RM150-230.
    • Fitness studios have different focuses. 1:1 training usually costs RM80-150 per 1-hr session depending on the type of training. Group classes/gym usage will cost approximately RM80-RM150 a month depending on the package that you choose. Usually, the bigger the package, the lesser you pay per month. Sometimes, the monthly fee can come up to RM250 a month if it is a specialized coaching session with technicalities involved. Drop in rates are usually RM20-RM40 per visit.
    • Yoga/pilates specific studios have a few different options. The longer duration of purchase relates to a lower cost per class.  Range of fees are from RM30-RM200 Per month.
  4. Convenience (Time & Location)
    • Are the clubs close to your workplace/home?
    • Do you need to spend more time travelling there?
    • Do you need to wait for equipments/queue up for classes?
    • Does the classes suit your schedule?
  5. Company & Social Networking
    • If you prefer working out with friends, then check in with them where they work out and if the facility suits you.
    • If you prefer working out alone, and need some peace and alone time, you’ll need to be able to “zone out” these noise pollution and be anti-social during your workout/class time. Sometimes, people just want to chat.

Consider all your options before giving them your credit-card or your deposit upfront. Once you sign on the dotted line, you may get trapped for a year! So be smart and analyse your options well folks!


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