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Interview on BFM 89.9 The Business Radio, Malaysia

Over the weekend, I did an interview with BFM Radio. The focus of the interview was my life experience on how I got into fitness and what sports did I do. Check it out!

BFM Interview

BFM Interview


Fitness For Busy People Talk, Times bookstore Malaysia

Lyn Kong’s Guide to Fitness for Busy People

Lyn Kong's Guide to Fitness for Busy People

Especially for busy people with no time to exercise, eat healthy or even have enough rest – this guidebook is for you. Filled with exercise and nutrition guide, and topped off with tips on better living. Take the 30-day fitness & health challenge!

Bernama Radio 24, The Lounge.

Bernama Radio 24, The Lounge.

At Bernama Radio 24, speaking about my new book, “Lyn Kong’s Guide to Fitness For Busy People”.

Part of the MPH Masterclass Series which features different authors who are experts in their own industries, of their experiences and personal journey to where they are now.