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NEW! Personalized Training Programs are now available!

It’s always easier to reach fitness and health goals when you have someone on your side. While it may be your ambition to improve yourself, having a support and motivating factor behind you is key. It is time to start following a training program proven to work for general fitness buffs to professional athletes.

The individualized program is designed to aid you in meeting your fitness and sports goals. You will receive a customized training program for you to follow. Your training calendar will indicate which days to do which exercises. Simple and easy to follow. Each exercise is described with pictures.

We would like to proudly announce launch of our personalized training programs! Catered for most of your needs and fitness goals.

These programs are developed based on years of training expertise, certifications obtained from different courses and feedback from multiple clientele.

The different training programs available are:

  • Strength Training
  • Cardiovascular/RunningTraining
  • Mobility & Stretching
  • Rehab and Pain Management

Training Program fee:
First month + consultation fee: RM500
Subsequent month: RM 200/month

Nutrition advice will be provided upon request.

Duration of training programs:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1-year

For more information, kindly contact

** Please consult your physician before starting any personal training programs.

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Live Great Run 2013, Running Clinic

Today was the final Running Clinic for the Live Great Run 2013. Held at the Great Eastern Mall at Jalan Ampang, there were almost 50 running enthusiasts who came and participated in this clinic.

These clinics are good because they focus on different training areas. Today’s focus was on Race Preparation, Race Timing Anticipation and Strategy. The main trainer, Edan Syah presented tips and information on how to prepare for your race, especially before the race. He also presented the race route, route elevation& distance and tips to run this route well.

After the talk, participants ran the 5.3km route around the area and was welcomed back to a feast of bananas, 100Plus and sachets of Perskindol muscular-relief gels.

I had the honor of taking the participants through the cool-down session, and also a Plank-Hold competition. The winner was a gentleman who held for 3mins and 5secs.

What an experience this was today! I look forward to more races and events !